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Pay only the right tax rates on your property

If you're in a dispute with the state or IRS over property taxes, you should get professional help as soon as possible to settle your dispute. Shea Appraisal Service wants to get you out for your tax issues with an accurate property valuation.

Your appeals process for property taxes can vary from area to area. Shea Appraisal Service provides Luzern and Lackawanna Counties with residential, commercial, and industrial real estate appraisals so that you have hard evidence to negotiate your tax issues and win your appeal.

Shea Appraisal Service is a state-certified general appraiser, capable of performing appraisals on residential, commercial, and industrial properties. You can trust that your appraisal will be performed to the letter of the law for an accurate and trustworthy appraisal. Shea Appraisal Service can also appear on your behalf as an expert witness to provide testimony that the valuation is accurate.

When you choose Shea Appraisal Service for your property tax appeal, you can SAVE by booking multiple properties with us. We'll give you a flat-rate DISCOUNT along with our competitive rates so that you can get all your appraisal needs met without breaking the bank.

Get the evidence you need for fairer taxes

Book multi-property appraisals and SAVE

Ensure that your appraisal follows the laws

Get licensed, insured, and state-certified help for all your appraisal needs - call now for you appointment with Shea Appraisal Service.